What formats do you currently support?
Our free version of The LivingRoom Upright currently support only Mac, the applications Apple Garageband and Logic Pro 9 and X (v10). More formats are coming soon.
How do I download your instruments?
You can enter your email address into the email form on the homepage, or visit our sign-up page. You will get a message asking you to confirm your email. Immediately after you click the link you will get an email with your personalised download links. Updates about the instrument and other versions of it, for download free or paid will be sent to you later on. You may of course opt out of this email list as with all other email subscriptions any time you want.
How do i install your instruments?
All instruments made for mac that are made for Logic Pro or Apple GarageBand, that have specific places for certain files, need to be updated with a software installer package. We use .pkg files for all mac specific updates. It´s a simple installer with a straight forward interface, like any Mac app.

Updates for all other sampler softwares are distributed through disk image files, such as ISO-files, that contain all files inside. You may burn the ISO-file to a DVD-disc or save it for later on disk, as the original you downloaded, in case of disasters.
How do I update instruments?
Updates are distributed the same way the original download was sent. For free instruments you access all downloads and updates through the same download link you received after the initial email sign-up. All updates will be on that page.

For paid versions, you will sign up for a KeyPleezer account. All downloads are made through your account online. All updates and formats available for download as well.
What do I need to think about when updating instruments?
When you install instruments through the software installers, you will be installing into system folders of the apps. Later during updates, some of or all of the files are updated, i.e. overwritten. For this reason, you should never save your own modified patches or settings file in a system folder. Luckily, Apple will always attempt to save in the user folders, where your own modified files should always reside. This avoids overwriting of your modifications in conjunction with updates. The files should be in separate locations. Always.
Can I use you instruments for both PC and Mac?
Currently we only have instrument versions for EXS24, used in Apple Garageband and Logic Pro 9 and X (v10). These softwares only exist for Mac. More formats are coming soon, and will support both PC and Mac. Enter our mailing list easily by signing up on our homepage, the download of the LivingRoom Upright Piano. You will receive updates and news.
What kind of support do you offer on your products?
We offer only email support on all our products, free or paid versions alike. Paid versions are going to be prioritized at times of heavy case load, but we try to answer all messages, feedback info or other asap! We are dependant on our customers feedback, as all other businesses.
What kind of email messages do you send your customers?
We only send you information or promotions and updates related to our products, products in production or the occasional blog post about piano-related topics. Some of the content might be related to general music production and mixing. We will not send you constant blog updates or such things. That will be a different mailing list and you would get the chance to sign up for that separately, as well as for RSS-feeds. Every now and then we might include excerpts from our blog in other updates or just in general links to our site, when it fits.