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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What formats/platforms do you currently support?
Our free edition of The LivingRoom Upright currently supports Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler (full version) and EXS24 sampler. Furthermore, patch files are available for GarageBand, Logic Pro X and MainStage containing Smart Controls for more adjustments. More formats are added continously.

For paid instruments and free alike, sign-up to our newsletter to get direct info about releases and updates. The sign-up includes the LivingRoom Upright Piano – Free Edition, included in the welcome email.
Can I use you instruments for both PC and Mac?
Yes. Since v1.0 of the Free Edition of LivingRoom Upright Piano we offer a version for Kontakt sampler and stand-alone EXS24 instrument files, that support a variety of samplers and DAWs (digital audio workstations). Many other samplers and plugins support importing these formats. Check your DAW´s documentation to find out if yours will import any of those formats. Send us an email if you are unsure.
Can I use your instruments in any DAW or Music Application?
The formats we support are indirectly supported in most of the popular DAWs around. Like Ableton Live and it´s built in sampler “Simpler” or the flagship “Sampler” which can both read the EXS24 format and and store a native supported format. Read more about using our piano in Ableton Live here. Many other DAWs can read EXS24 or Kontakt instrument patches, but the EXS24 format is far easier to translate as it doesn´t have an integrated script to handle.
How do I download your instruments?
For every instrument we make you are given a link to the specific product download page via email sent to you upon entering your email adress. You can either sign-up for all free products and offers on our sign-up page or do it for a specific product on the product pages. You will get a message asking you to confirm your email and upon successful confirmation you´ll get a welcome email containing your download links. We´ll send you a message when we make updates to the instrument. We will never spam you and our send-frequency is low, unsubscribe anytime.
How do i install your instruments?
We make specific automated installers for macOS for those formats requiring you to put files in specific locations, like GarageBand, Logic Pro and MainStage. For other sampler formats all you have to do is put the entire distributed folder wherever you want it. Because we make SoundWare for already established sampler softwares or DAWs, you will handle files as you normally do given the specific format in question.

On the download page of every instrument, you will find specific installers. For macOS specifically or PC/Mac multi-format.
How do I update instruments?
Updates are done either directly via the automated installer or manually by copying the new files to your instrument location. If you have made your own saves of instruments or presets you should save those presets by making a backup outside of the instrument folder. Otherwise they may be overwritten during the update. The installer documentation of every version will give more info.

If you are using any stand-alone sampler format, like Kontakt or EXS24, you would make a copy of the files you have used if they differ from the originals from the previous version.

As a general rule, always save a backup of the entire instrument folder before performing an update. It´s the safest way to know your instrument settings are preserved.
Do you have any press kit or media resources?
Yes, under our Support page you can find a page called “Press Kit” where we have all the images and logos you´ll ever need for any publication, printed material or online. Most images are high resolution transparent .png files!
What kind of support do you offer on your products?
We offer only email support on all our products, free or paid versions alike. Paid versions will be prioritized at times of heavy case load, but we try to answer all messages or feedback info asap! We are dependant on our customers feedback and welcome it.
What kind of email messages do you send your customers?
We send information or promotions and updates related to our products, products in production or the occasional references to our published articles about piano-related or music production/mixing topics. Some of the content might be related to general music production and mixing. We will not send you constant status updates or anything like that. We reserve that for Twitter or FaceBook.

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