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an authentic deep-sampled character upright piano
for Kontakt.
Currently in production!

Now crowdfunding on Indiegogo!

Currently in funding through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Get the LivingRoom Upright and support development, by grabbing a “perk” on our Indiegogo campaign!
Support us on Indiegogo!

Available as downloadable and physical box with USB!

Main Features

  • Intimate & detailed sound rich in piano body.
  • A fraction out of tune here and there, for maximum realism (not broken nor honky-tonk).
  • 3 close microphone positions for a multitude of nuance possibilities while retaining intimacy of sound character.
  • 14 Velocity/sensitivity recordings, 2 layers of sustained notes per key (7 layers for pedal off, 7 Layers for pedal on).
  • Dynamic Range adjustment for velocity triggered volume range (all formats).
  • Made for Kontakt sampler 5.0.1+ (for backwards compatibility), SFZ and EXS24 (re-named ‘Sampler’ in LPX 10.4.2+)
  • Advanced piano playback engine for Kontakt

Did you know that by supporting our campaign you can get the LivingRoom Upright Piano Complete Edition or Intermediate Edition delivered to you before the official release? Check out our campaign page and listen to audio demos, make a donation or get a “perk” with one of the two editions included!

KONTAKT piano audio playback engine features:

  • efficient and accurate polyphony voice handling for each key
  • String dampening & Key release acoustics – multiple recordings for each key matching original note velocity and time elapsed
  • String dampening 5-8 layer matrix follows your playing for dampening accuracy in both tone and volume
    • Both Staccato (shorter shocks) and normal (longer held notes) String Dampening recordings, for nuanced releasing of notes
  • Piano Body and String Resonances modelled using IR/Convolution reverb for enhanced acoustical authenticity
    • String Resonance – the resonating strings in an IR for realism and extra overtones
    • Body Resonance – the resonance of the entire piano body, for added “boxiness” or just more acoustical “glue”
  • Open-close panels/lids adjustment for anything from a “living room sound” to a clean intimate uptake
  • Analog-style user interface with performance view and mixer containing full set of adjustments of each mic position

About LivingRoom Upright Piano

LivingRoom Upright Piano is a character upright piano for Kontakt sampler, SFZ and EXS24 that embodies the essence of a naturally sounding upright piano as it is when it was played for around a year since after tuning. Slightly de-tuned, not busted, not pristine. Just a realistically sounding and versatile upright piano sound.

All internal components of sounds and behaviours of the original piano was captured through deep-sampling of the piano’s acoustical components.

Modelled from an original large upright piano, from the early 1900s from a Swedish local piano maker, that was tuned to around 98% perfection for a realistic and natural living room piano sound. It was sampled in 3 close stereo microphone positions. The first one in “player position”, the second one below the keyboard and the third one on the rear of the piano. The sound is the most dry sound we could make and embodies the closest and most intimate sound of the piano.

Help us make it all it can be!

Currently in funding through our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Get the LivingRoom Upright and support development, by grabbing a “perk” on our Indiegogo campaign!
Support us on Indiegogo!

Sorry, we may have misunderstood, perhaps you were looking for the Free Edition of this instrument? Well if so, go check it out on our dedicated page for it.

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