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KeyPleezer is a small website that relies on statistical data to better our services. This information includes device type and geolocation of our customers or visitors. If we can better understand how you are viewing our page and from where you are viewing it, it´s more likely we´ll be able to show you the most relevant info from our site, as well as on other platforms. We do not, however, tie you and your identity as a person to any of these statistics. Your visits on our site is handled as a dot on a map, never with a name attached to it.

Our services and what we need to make them run

  1. Google Analytics
    1. We collect website visits and geolocation info, as well as the type of digital device (computer, screen size, mobile, tablet, platform) that was used.
    2. The pages visited and time spent on each page, to better understand if it might have been a person or a machine (a search bot or anything automated) that this visit represents. It is not very useful to track a machine, as it could never be interested in our products :).
  2. HotJar Analytics
    1. HotJar delivers on-page analytical tools to be able to view a “heat-map” of where on our pages the most amount of clicks are made. This can be very useful to be able to track if we made a good design or a useful link-structure. We can view geolocation here as well as user´s ip-addresses. Again, no names or ID:s of browsers are collected here.
  3. Edge CDN – Content Delivery Network – Cloudflare
    1. Our website utilises a technology for security and protection of our original server, as well as the speeding up of delivery of our images and html-code for all pages. It´s called Cloudflare and it has a global but very limited analytics tool that registers how many hits our website has gotten and how much web traffic the service has saved our original server from having to deliver to our readers. This is the service that delivers our files to you as a reader and handles the establishing of a secure connection and fast delivery of our files. The service´s analytics is purely functional and does not use cookies at all, it simply shows us where from and how many threats to our site were detected and mitigated.

The analytics are all aimed at seeing the total amount of affect a specific action might have on the success of the business. If we get less amounts of clicks on one specific link, perhaps there is an issue with the surrounding text? HotJar makes that easy, but without the user´s consent to our cookie policy, the analytics will never be allowed. It is only as you as a user actually clicks on “accept”, that these technologies start to work.

Under ongoing promotional periods

During periods when we run promotions we use social media tracking codes to better understand our customers across networks. We use the FaceBook Pixel and the Twitter Conversion pixel to do this. We do not leave these two technologies on for more time than they can be useful for us to try and assess what people would actually be interested in our commercial products. And we dislike constant-on trackers as a rule.

Web browser security and our website

Secure authentication in web browser sessions, also referred to as SSL (secure socket layer) or “https://” as you see if you look in the beginning of the web address field, is the technique of establishing a secure (authenticated and encrypted) connection between a website and a user. Our site uses this on the entire range of our web pages and your session is handled securely via our CDN (content delivery network) that supplies all our readers with information at the best possible speed. The use of encryption ensures that no third parties are intercepting what you are viewing on our site.

Cookie Policy

If you click “Accept” on the bar in the bottom of the page upon first entry to our site, or on the “Accept Cookie Policy” here on the privacy policy page, then the scripts that handle advanced analytics get activated. Clicking “close”, on the “X”, on the initial cookie policy bar declines the initialization of our advanced analytics. Clicking on the “Decline Cookie Policy” below does the same. It revokes the Accepting of the advanced analytics and restricts analytics to a bare minimum and also deletes all cookies from HotJar.

So, our cookie policy is, that if you accept your visits and activity will be included in our analytics, if you do not, your browser will not be tracked by any advanced analytics, only the bare minimum of functional cookies (cookies to set other cookies, like your preference in tracking) will occur upon hitting the website as a user among many. Your clicks browsing activity on our site will not be included nor will personal data or ip-information.

Even if you accept cookies you may clear your browsers cookies via it´s own “clear cookie” function and thus get rid of any cookies you do not want in your browser. You may also at any time come back to this page and stop the use of cookies on our site.

In any case, our current setup of analytics tools do not include FaceBook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Ads Network or Bing alternative or any other normal marketing solution that you may want to escape.

Click ‘Check status’ to view your current cookie choice.

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