The Micro SFZ edition of our deep-sampled multi-format virtual upright piano!

Micro SFZ Edition of LivingRoom Upright Piano

The Micro SFZ edition (free) of LivingRoom Upright Piano is a leaner and smaller version of our main Kontakt instrument. It’s based of the Free Edition and made for SFZ samplers, like the Sforzando sampler and Linux Sampler / Liquid SFZ.

You can download it directly and use on macOS, Windows or Linux. If you use Linux you can find it in the package repositories in the different distributions.

The instrument consists of 132 full-length samples derived from our LivingRoom Upright Piano Complete Edition, which delivers detailed organic vintage character to your piano tracks.

Complete Edition released!

We recently released our most advanced edition of this instrument – the LivingRoom Upright Complete Edition!

The Micro SFZ Edition features:

  • Close Microphone Position
  • Detailed & Intimate Upright Sound
  • 4 Unique Samples Per Key
  • 2 Velocity Response Sample Layers X2
    (Piano, Mezzo & Forte – Pedal Off + Pedal On)
  • Dynamic Range Control
  • Velocity Cross-Fade patches included
  • 132 Samples in Lossless FLAC
  • Works in Sforzando sampler (free, PC/Mac) or on Linux using “Linux Sampler” or “Liquid SFZ” and in many DAWs supporting the SFZ format.


Download the
LivingRoom Upright Piano
Free Edition now

LivingRoom Upright Piano Free Edition formats currently supproted - EXS24 sampler, Kontakt Sampler, Logic Pro X, GarageBand and MainStage.

Latest version is v1.0. You´ll recieve download links after confirming your email address.
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