SFZ to HISE Translator / Converter

Online app that translates SFZ instrument files into HISE Sample Maps.

User settings – choose how to process your SFZ document:

 (Defaults to ‘sfz-to-HISE-convert’, if left empty)
(open Developer Tools in browser to view)
(ex ‘my-custom-initial-folder/’)

Choose behaviour in case no value is found for a HISE tag:

(overrides normal group handling) [BETA]
(makes an array of objects in stead of and object with numbered keys, for sample-objects in the extendedOpcodesOutput object.)

SFZ file input contents

The contents of your selected SFZ file will appear below. Review it, then press the green button. Use “Expand SFZ input” to view the full content of the loaded file.

When you choose a file, the contents will show up here.

HISE XML Samplemap output

The HISE Samplemap XML data will be outputted below upon clicking the green button. Simply mark it and copy-paste it into an XML (.xml) document using a text-editor (code editor), or use the buttons below. In the browser’s Developer Tools -> Console you will also find samplemap, opcodes object and log messges.


Processing log:

HISE output sample map will show up here upon successful conversion...

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