LivingRoom Upright Piano – Free Edition – release notes

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LivingRoom Upright Piano – Free Edition – v1.0

Release date: 2020-02 (latest version)

LUP Free Edition v1.0 update brings support for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler and stand-alone EXS24 (.exs instrument files).

For Kontakt sampler a NCW (.ncw) compressed sound file version is also included as a separate download. We also upgraded all instruments with a user interface. Kontakt UI contains control of Dynamic Range control of velocity groups and internal volume output. Apple GarageBand, Logic Pro X and MainStage are now specifically supported via separate installer for macOS and includes a Smart Control based UI for internal Dynamic Range, Volume, EQ and more. Visit the LUP Free Edition page for more details on current features.

Version 1.0 features & updates (from beta v0.9):

  • changes made to several sound files for improved playability
  • notes now go up to C7 for full 88-key support
  • 2 separate patches/presets for top key-range damper behaviour added:
    • raw authentic” preset – D#5 and up now behaves like the original piano, playing the entire sound always (one-shot mode)
    • muted” preset – for dampened/muted top key-range behaviour, where all keys now get muted upon release
  • smoother volumes between keys
  • improved dynamic range between velocity layers/groups
  • Logic and Garageband Smart Controls now function properly in newer versions of macOS
  • new Smart Controls in GarageBand & LPX:
    • Dynamic Range (EXS24 instrument volume range setting) in both GB and Logic
    • Bass and Treble for instant tone control
    • Compression control
    • Transients control (compressor attack)
    • Volume Output (pre-track volume)
  • LPX, GB and MainStage version now installs into your current user´s /Audio Music Apps/ folder, instead of Logic System folder (as the beta v0.9 did)

System requirements:

MacOS specific DMG-installer for GarageBand & LPX:

  • Mac with Intel Processor
  • macOS 10.7 or later
  • Fully supports all macOS versions up to Catalina (10.15)
  • Logic Pro X v10.0.7 and GarageBand v10.0.3, or later.
  • You need Garageband or Logic Pro pre-installed on your system, otherwise the proper folders might not exist and later be overwritten at the time of initial installation of any of these apps.

Multi-format instruments (Kontakt, EXS24):

  • Works with macOS or Windows on any of the supported samplers.
    • You need to consult the system requirements of your application or sampler for more specifics.
  • EXS24 instruments work in Logic Pro X, Logic Pro 9.1.7+ and as we note in next paragraph Logic Pro 8 (untested).
  • Kontakt instruments require full version v5.0.1 or later.
  • Kontakt NCW (.ncw audio files, lossless compressed) has the same requirements as the normal Kontakt version.

Total file size is 1.5GB for .wav version (both macOS DMG for LPX/GB/MS and multi-format) and 780MB for the Kontakt .ncw.


In Logic Pro 9 or 8 you can not use the .Patch files as in Logic Pro X. Instead it´s better to download the stand-alone Multi-format zip-package for that, assuming you have downloaded the macOS specific dmg-installer to get to this document.

LivingRoom Upright Piano – beta v0.9

Release date: 2016-08.

This is the initial beta release of the free version and includes 3 velocity layers of recordings in 24-bit 44.1khz .wav audio files. Support for all versions of Logic Pro from version 9.1.x and Logic Pro X version 10.0.6 and above. It also supports GarageBand v10.0.3 and above. Presets for GarageBand (.patch) and Logic Pro (.patch / .cst, Channel Strip Setting files) are installed, as well as the .exs instrument files.

Installation delivered in a Mac install package format only, .pkg. Size 1,06GB.

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