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Release of LivingRoom Upright Piano – Complete Edition – for KONTAKT sampler

Initial Press Release from KeyPleezer

2022-06-19, Malmö, Sweden – We are releasing the LivingRoom Upright Piano Complete Edition for KONTAKT sampler.

LivingRoom Upright Piano is a character upright piano library for Kontakt sampler that embodies the essence of a naturally sounding piano as it is when played for a few months since tuning. Instead of a perfectly tuned grand piano, or an out of tune honky-tonk, this piano is an alternative that recreates an analog, organic sounding piano with dissonance here and there. A versatile all-round piano with a realistic sound, useful in everything from classical music, rock, latin, pop to hip-hop and EDM.

Read more in our full press release below.

Press Release download:

Download this latest press-release in full via the zip-file below, containing a full press statement complete with all details as well as product images for press purposes and web publishing!

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